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Capital planning solutions for the healthcare industry

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Download the Handbook

Learn about what Regulation A+ is and how it DRAMATICALLY improves the funding and liquidity prospects for companies that want a more practical and cost-effective way to raise capital.

You will also learn about our Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ ,which is a 6-week process designed to help business owners decide whether a Reg A+ offering is right for them.

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Watch a Sample Presentation

View a sample of a presentation that we did with a company looking to raise up to 75M using Regulation A+. Here from Co-founders Stephen Brock, CEO of Medical Funding Professionals and Scott Pantel, CEO of Life Science Intelligence and Emerging MedTech Summit as they talk about what Regulation A+ is why it benefits businesses.

Step 3

Raising up to 75M doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Please review our white papers, templates and worksheets to show you exactly what we will build for your capital raise. Take a moment to explore the various resources we have put together for you.

Selling Shareholders Plan for Regulation A+

A white paper detailing how to sell shareholders for Regulation A+.


Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ (CPVS™)

The exact form you will receive when starting the Capital Planning Valuation Process with us. This secure form is where you will upload the necerssary due dilligence for us to review and create your confidential strategy.


How to Sell Lead Investors on Funding Your Reg A+

A white paper to show you how to sell lead investors on funding your Reg A+.


Selling Shareholder  Incentive in a Reg A+ Offering

A white paper to show you how to sell shareholder incentive in a Reg A+ offering.


Corporate Structure

What is the best corporate structure for attracting investors such as Venture Capital, Angel Investors, High Net-Worth Individuals, or Reg A+ funding?


Valuation Methods

Presentation to show you 4 startup valuation models and tips for increasing your startup’s valuation when seeking investors.


Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ Process

Learn about facing an unknown business environment, the Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ (CPVS™) and the benefits of a CPVS™ Assessment.


CPVS™ Template

What a CPVS™ presentation will look like when we present to you.


Reg A+ Est Capital Cash Flow 40M (No SEC Delay)

Template for Reg A+ Est Capital Cash Flow 40M (No SEC Delay).


Reg A+ Est Capital Cash Flow 40M (SEC Delay)

Template for Reg A+ Est Capital Cash Flow 40M (SEC Delay).


Step 4

Regulation A+ allows companies that want to raise up to $75 million to do so from anyone – regardless of assets and income levels. Get started today.

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We believe that Regulation A+ offerings should be in the toolbox of every founder, owner, CFO, and Treasurer in the United States. As such, we’ve partnered with leading advisors specializing in Reg A+ to deliver a seamless and integrated capital funding solution for your company. I would love to discuss your funding strategy, let’s schedule a quick call.

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Learn more about subcribing to our Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™. We will guide you through our proprietary process where we will show you how you maintain more control in your company, why it’s a more viable option than venture capital, maintin momentum at a lower cost while having access to a wider capital market.