Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™

A full suite of capital planning data and valuation estimate solutions for early-stage medtech and life science companies and build visibility with investors, customers, and industry stakeholders.

Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ a 6-week process designed to help medtech, biotech, pharma, and life science business owners understand their business valuation in the market based on their due diligence, P&Ls, and balance sheets. We develop all important spread sheets for business management such as pro-forma capitalization table, pre- and post-valuation, deal comps analysis, pricing analysis, and cash flow projection. 

The process provides a path to maintain control of your through multiple cycles of fundraising while building a blueprint for a successful capital planning. It provides the roadmap business owners need to make capital decisions with greater confidence.

We offer a full suite of capital planning analytical data and valuation for early-stage medtech and life science companies and build visibility with investors, customers, and industry stakeholders. Whether you’re a Seed stage company or a VC-backed enterprise exploring new growth avenues, we come equipped with all the tools to meet your capital market objectives.

Here Are The Areas We Cover

• Cap Table Restructuring
• Pre- and Post-Valuation
• Market-Based Valuation
• Video Presentation
• Corporate Books Management
• Reorganization of Corporate Characters
• Custom Pro Forma Cap Table
• Marketing Plan for Promotion
• Deal Comps Analysis
• Fair Valuation Estimate
• Market Research
• Industry Strategy
• Industry Access
• Branding & Positioning
• Investor Analytics
• Pricing Analysis

What Will You Get?

You will receive the following deliverables, prepared specifically for your company:

Pro Forma Cap Table

Reflecting the current capitalization structure of your company and your projected capitalization following potential investments

Pre- and Post-Money Valuations

For your capital raise based on the pro forma cap table and our proposed offering price per share

Fair Valuation Estimate

Fair valuation estimate based on future revenue projections, growth potential, industry exit comps, and investor return requirements

Selling Shareholders Analysis

Selling shareholders analysis showing how current shareholders can have a partial liquidity event in Reg A+ and how it could impact your capital raise

Synopsis with The Sequential Steps

Synopsis with the sequential steps of the funding process in spreadsheet form i.e. the capital and cash flow projection beginning post registration and ending with receipt of offering proceeds

Deal Comps Analysis

Deal comps analysis showing venture capital raises and M&A exits for similar companies in your industry, including valuation, businesses stage, and funding round data for each deal

Historical Funding Data

Historical funding data, including venture capital investment and ownership percentages, for comparable companies in your industry showing how companies like yours gave up control to outside investors under the VC route

CPVS™ Presentation

30+ page informational slide deck and custom roadmap designed specifically for your needs

Order for CPVS™ Build Out

Order for our CPVS™ Build-out service and get all analytical spreadsheet prepared for your company’s capital planning. We charge $4,500 for the CPVS™ build out and presentation but you will pay the fee in two installments: $2,250 as a deposit and the other $2,250 when all analytical spreadsheets and the presentation is complete and ready to deliver.

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