Biotech and Medical Device Companies Raise $913M in a 5-IPO Week

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Biotech and Medical Device Companies Raise $913M in a 5-IPO Week

It was almost a billion-dollar week for life sciences IPOs last week, following a Q1 for IPOs overall that we haven’t seen since the tech bubble in 2000. The acceleration of biotech and medtech research, combined with the eagerness of the market indicate no signs of that slowing any time soon.

But there are thousands of promising companies that need funding and aren’t yet ready for an IPO. The democratization of the capital markets opens up other possibilities for these companies than the traditional angel/VC path. For example, Regulation A+ allows companies to raise up to $75M every 12 months at a lower cost (and much lower regulatory burden) than an IPO—a great option for companies needing substantial capital to finish their research, conduct clinical trials, or go to market.

Biotech and medical device companies raise $913M in a five-IPO week – MedCity News

The five life sciences IPOs this week continues the steady march companies are making to the public markets this year. This week’s activity follows a first quarter that Renaissance Capital calculates was the busiest for newly public companies since 2000.