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The CPVS™ Assessment & Presentation is our 30+ page informational slide deck outlining each of the funding routes and public listing options offered to clients under the CPVS™ Program.

Are you interested in new regulation offerings and other nontraditional methods of raising capital?
Do you need help determining the right fundraising strategy for your business?

The CPVS™ Presentation is our 30+ page informational slide deck and custom funding roadmap designed specifically for your capital needs. Whether you’re considering CPVS™ or just want to learn more about the capital opportunities available to you through the JOBS Act and other funding options, this presentation is essential for preparing you and your company for the next stage of your journey.

What Will You Learn?

In this presentation you will learn about:

• Common roadblocks early-stage companies face when raising capital and why the traditional VC model restricts growth for small businesses,

• How the JOBS Act changed the landscape of private capital investments and made fundraising easier, cheaper, and faster for startups,

• Potential funding routes, including filing and disclosure requirements, benefits to issuers, and the types of companies they’re best suited for. Summary stats and case studies are also included, along with strategies for raising $1-2 million in a founders’ round,

• Listing options, including standard Exchange and OTC listings, for companies looking to increase liquidity and build visibility throughout the investment community,

• In-depth review of the CPVS™ process and how business owners benefit from a CPVS™ assessment, as well as information on some of our key partners and affiliates, and

• Summary of our digital marketing and branding strategy for streamlined fundraising and investor relations.

What Will You Get?

You will also receive the following deliverables, prepared specifically for your company:

• Pro forma cap table reflecting the current capitalization structure of your company and your projected capitalization following potential investments,

• Fair valuation estimate based on future revenue projections, growth potential, industry exit comps, and investor return requirements,

• Pre- and post-money valuations for your capital raise based on the pro forma cap table and our proposed offering price per share,

• Selling shareholders analysis showing how current shareholders can have a partial liquidity event in Reg A+ and how it could impact your capital raise,

• Synopsis with the sequential steps of the funding process in spreadsheet form i.e. the capital and cash flow projection beginning post registration and ending with receipt of offering proceeds,

• Deal comps analysis showing venture capital raises and M&A exits for similar companies in your industry, including valuation, businesses stage, and funding round data for each deal,

• Historical funding data, including venture capital investment and ownership percentages, for comparable companies in your industry showing how companies like yours gave up control to outside investors under the VC route, and

• Taped video recording of our Zoom presentation with you and your team, for your own use.

Client Testimonials

CPVS™ is the best capital raising analytics service on the market, and it’s the only one tailored specifically to healthcare companies like yours. But don’t just take our word for it…

“Medical Funding Professionals’ comprehensive approach to capital planning has been instrumental in shaping our fundraising strategy. The 1.5-hour presentation they delivered was particularly beneficial as it outlined several funding paths that could save us time and money compared to more conventional routes. Just as important, the strategies they proposed were tailored specifically to our funding needs and goals, resulting in a customized plan that exceeded our expectations.

We are now much better prepared to make capital raising decisions. I would recommend Medical Funding Professionals and their CPVS™ Process to any business owner or organization looking to raise capital.

RS BioTherapeutics
Curtis Rhine

CFO, RS BioTherapeutics

* [The above statement is provided from the client of the advisor. There has been no compensation paid of any type or kind in exchange for the statement. No material conflicts of interest exist arising from the relationship between the advisor and the client. The statements provided may not be indicative of all client experiences. There can be no performance guarantees or guarantees of success.]

Since launching Manhattan Stret Capital in 2015, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies wanting to raise capital, and the fact of the matter is, most of them simply aren’t prepared—not that their business isn’t a good candidate for raising money, but they just aren’t ready in terms of founder knowledge, corporate organization, capitalization, presentation, and marketing.

That’s why I’m very impressed by what Stephen Brock has brought to the table. His Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ is a systematic, progressive approach following the best practices of capital raising. He invests the time in educating them on corporate structure, the various types of fundraising opportunities and what’s appropriate for them. Understanding securities is complex, and Stephen has a wealth of knowledge to share with founders.

Manhattan Street Capital
Rod Turner

CEO, Manhattan Street Capital

* [The above statement is provided by an advisor to the firm who is not currently nor has ever been a client of the firm. There has been no compensation paid of any type or kind in exchange for the statement. No material conflicts of interest exist arising from the relationship between the advisor and the client. The statements provided may not be indicative of all client experiences. There can be no performance guarantees or guarantees of success.]

I have 22 years of experience providing funding solutions for startups and mid-market private and public companies with over a decade specializing in medtech and life sciences sectors. Our team has an additional 80 years in the capital markets.

Our in-depth knowledge of capital raising rules and regulations, including Reg A+, Reg CF, Reg D, OTC markets, reverse mergers, NASDAQ, FINRA, SEC, and Sarbanes Oxley Act Compliance, has proven invaluable in helping clients navigate the complex fundraising process and raise capital efficiently.

After viewing the presentation you will have a thorough understanding of our business lanes and product offerings, allowing you to decide which of our solutions is right for you. If you’d like to schedule a one-on-one consultation to learn more about CPVS™ and our service offerings you can do so here. You can schedule a time with me by choosing a specific date and time that works for you. 

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