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If you are looking to raise up to $75M using Regulation A+, don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of a financial revolution. Start your journey with Regulation A+, 506c, & CF today and unlock a world of investment potential.

Take a moment and view our fundraising video, white papers, and sample documents.

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Raising up to $75M doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Please review our CPVS™ video presentation, white papers, sample documents, and worksheets to see exactly what we will build for your capital raise.
Take a moment to explore the various resources we have put together for you.

CPVS™ White Papers

Video Presentation on Funding

CPVS™ Sample Documents

CPVS™ Presentation

Watch a Fundraising Presentation

View a sample of a fundraising video presentation that we prepared for a company looking to raise up to $75M using Regulation A+. Learn what Regulation A+ is and how it benefits businesses.

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Selling Shareholders Plan for Regulation A+

Discover how shareholders can have a partial liquidity event in Regulation A+.


How to Sell Lead Investors on Funding Your Reg A+

Learn how to sell lead investors on funding your Reg A+.


Corporate Structure

Read about the optimal corporate structure for attracting investment, including Venture Capital, Angel investors, High-Net Worth Individuals, and Reg A+ funding.


Valuation Methods

Read about four startup valuation methods as well as tips for increasing your startup’s valuation when seeking funding.


Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ Process

Learn about the challenges of facing an uncertain business environment and how a CPVS™ Assessment can benefit your company.


Breaking The Addiction of VC Funding

Discover how you can leave the old model behind and find the final alternative ways to get your startups into the world.


IPO vs Reg A+

Discover why and how Reg A+ maintains momentum while IPOs tank. 


Benefits of A Nasdaq Uplisting and How to Qualify

Discover why Nasdaq is a significant milestone for companies looking to go public and expand access to capital and how you can qualify for it.


CPVS™ Custom Valuation Estimate

Discover how a “fair value” offering price can accurately reflect your company’s revenue potential and financial prospects.


View Our Sample Documents

2022 Reg A+ Filing and Funding Data

Filing information, valuations, and funding data from Reg A+ offerings in FY 2022.


Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ (CPVS™) – Sample Form

The exact form you will receive when starting the Capital Planning Valuation Process with us. This secure form is where you will upload the necerssary due dilligence for us to review and create your confidential strategy.


Reg A+ Pricing Analysis

An analysis of price per share data from recently completed Reg A+ offerings.


MedTech in Reg A+

Offering data and valuations of medtech and healthcare companies using Regulation A+.


Deal Analysis

VC deals and M&A exits for comparable companies in your industry. See what similar companies have raised and sold for in recent years.


CPVS™ Custom Pro Forma Cap Table

Our custom pro forma cap table build for your company’s Reg A+ offering.


CPVS™ Pre- and Post-Valuation

Pre- and Post-Money Valuation of your company based on our pro forma cap table and proposed Reg A+ offering price.


Selling Shareholders Analysis

Analysis of stock sales, dollar proceeds, and ROI for every selling shareholder in your cap table.


Reg A Val Trend

Review the long-term valuation trend of Reg A+ offerings, including total valuation and average valuation per offering.


Pre-Revenue MedTech Deals

List of pre-revenue medtech companies (or medtechs with less than $1M in revenue) who raised venture capital at a pre-money valuation of $150M or higher.


Pre-Revenue MedTech $5+

List of pre-revenue medtech companies who raised $20M+ in venture capital at an offering price of $5.00 per share or higher.


Investor Analytics

Venture capital investment and ownership data of comparable companies in your industry. See how most companies give up control when raising capital under the VC route.


Client Testimonials

CPVS™ is the best capital raising analytics service on the market, and it’s the only one tailored specifically to healthcare companies like yours. But don’t just take our word for it…

“Medical Funding Professionals’ comprehensive approach to capital planning has been instrumental in shaping our fundraising strategy. The 1.5-hour presentation they delivered was particularly beneficial as it outlined several funding paths that could save us time and money compared to more conventional routes. Just as important, the strategies they proposed were tailored specifically to our funding needs and goals, resulting in a customized plan that exceeded our expectations.

We are now much better prepared to make capital raising decisions. I would recommend Medical Funding Professionals and their CPVS™ Process to any business owner or organization looking to raise capital.

RS BioTherapeutics
Curtis Rhine

CFO, RS BioTherapeutics

* [The above statement is provided from the client of the advisor. There has been no compensation paid of any type or kind in exchange for the statement. No material conflicts of interest exist arising from the relationship between the advisor and the client. The statements provided may not be indicative of all client experiences. There can be no performance guarantees or guarantees of success.]

Since launching Manhattan Stret Capital in 2015, I’ve worked with hundreds of companies wanting to raise capital, and the fact of the matter is, most of them simply aren’t prepared—not that their business isn’t a good candidate for raising money, but they just aren’t ready in terms of founder knowledge, corporate organization, capitalization, presentation, and marketing.

That’s why I’m very impressed by what Stephen Brock has brought to the table. His Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ is a systematic, progressive approach following the best practices of capital raising. He invests the time in educating them on corporate structure, the various types of fundraising opportunities and what’s appropriate for them. Understanding securities is complex, and Stephen has a wealth of knowledge to share with founders.

Manhattan Street Capital
Rod Turner

CEO, Manhattan Street Capital

* [The above statement is provided by an advisor to the firm who is not currently nor has ever been a client of the firm. There has been no compensation paid of any type or kind in exchange for the statement. No material conflicts of interest exist arising from the relationship between the advisor and the client. The statements provided may not be indicative of all client experiences. There can be no performance guarantees or guarantees of success.]

Capital Raising Assessment

For Medtech, Pharma, Life Sciences, & Biotech Companies

If you are an owner of a medtech, pharma, life sciences, or biotech company and you’re looking to raise up to $75 million without sacrificing control to outside investors, you have to prepare for one of the most important decisions you can make for the future of your business: Raising Capital

But first, let me ask you a few questions,

• Are you having trouble choosing a fundraising strategy that aligns with
your business goals, timing constraints, and liquidity needs?

• Are you concerned about Blue Sky Laws and how to navigate the complex
regulatory requirements of a capital raise?

• Are you confused about the various types of Regulation Offerings,
what they cost to execute, and how they differ from traditional methods of
raising capital such as VC or Angel investment?

Rest assured, the experts at CPVS™ are here to assist you in finding solutions to the capital raising issues you might face as a business owner. Whatever the stage of your company-product development, clinical trials, post-approval, commercialization, or expansion – we’ll design a fundraising strategy that fits your needs.

With over 22 years of experience providing capital planning and advisory services for startups and mid-market private and public companies, we come equipped with all the tools to meet your fundraising and capital market objectives.

How Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™
Can Help You

CPVS™ – Capital Planning Valuation Strategy™ is a 6 week process designed to help business owners like you decide whether a Regulation A+ offering, a 506(c), or a CF is right for them. The process establishes a powerful foundation for decisions about your company’s future capital funding efforts and provides a path to maintain control of your company while building a blueprint for a successful offering.

We developed a comprehensive assessment that will inform you about the JOBS Act and how to capitalize on the unique advantages of Regulation A+, 506(c), and CF which include access to a wider capital market and more diverse investor community, the potential to raise significant capital without sacrificing control, a simpler and more streamlined fundraising process, monetization opportunities, lower compliance burden, and above all, lower cost to you.

Our CPVS™ Assessment is the easiest and most efficient way for companies to determine their funding requirements and the optimal method of raising capital.